Staying Connected

How to be Together Apart

When you’re physically distancing from people, it’s difficult to know how to interact with our neighbours, as well as our loved ones. It’s important to stay socially connected, but how do you socialise when you can’t get close to anyone? We’ve collated some links to digital meet-ups and ideas for physically distanced ways to connect, safely.

Plus, technology is amazing, but video can be awkward and confusing. We have put together several links to resources on how to connect digitally without being awkward, which digital tools are best to use – whether or not you’re tech-savvy, and where to go for additional help and support if you need it.

Digital Meet-ups

Help and How-tos.


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Humans are social creatures, and the danger with staying at home is that we become more isolated from other people, which isn’t great for our mental health. Here are some tips and resources for looking after your wellbeing and staying safe.