Staying Connected

The last year would have been much lonelier without the digital technology that has allowed lots of us to live, work and socialise with each other, even when we’ve been physically apart. But what about our neighbours who aren’t online?

If you don’t know how to use the internet and your weekly coffee morning now happens on Zoom, how do you take part? If you don’t have a smartphone, how do you join your neighbourhood WhatsApp group? We think the power of Neighbourliness can help!

We reckon there are Fine Folk with digital skills and resources that you’d love to share, over the phone or over the fence!

Could you show your neighbour how to download a podcast? Make a video call?

Perhaps you want some help but don’t know who to ask?

And maybe you’re really good at gardening, or you can offer a cuppa and a chat to someone who needs it.

Sometimes it can feel awkward to reach out to our neighbours, to ask for or offer support, even when we really want to. We want to try and help with that.

On this page, you’ll find links to all sorts of inspiration and resources to help us all make sense of this brave new digital world, together. Whether you want to reach out to your neighbours for the first time, help someone learn new skills, or discover ways to connect online without being awkward, you’ve come to the right place.

Where do I start?

Digital Help and How-tos

Digital technology is amazing, but the last year has been a learning curve for everyone. Let’s face it, living, working and socialising through a computer screen can be a bit awkward and confusing even for the most tech-savvy among us!

We have put together some links to resources on how to connect digitally without being awkward, which digital tools are best to use, staying safe online, and where to go for additional help and support, for you or for your neighbour.


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How to be Together Apart

When you’re physically distancing from people, it’s difficult to know how to interact with our neighbours, as well as our loved ones. It’s important to stay socially connected, but how do you socialise when you can’t get close to anyone? We’ve collated some links to digital meet-ups and ideas for physically distanced ways to connect, safely.

Staying Safe online: Age UK

Lots of us are new to the digital world and might feel worried about falling victim to an online scam or computer virus.


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