About Fine City Neighbours

Fine City Neighbours is about building relationships with people before you need them, and they need you. Sometimes this is called ‘community’, sometimes ‘neighbourliness’, sometimes ‘Mutual Aid’ or ‘Solidarity’. Whatever it’s called, we didn’t invent it- being a good neighbour has been around ever since there have been people.

We are a bunch of folks from different organisations in Norwich who saw how people have been supporting one another, both before and throughout the pandemic, and we think it’s really brilliant.

We’ve set up this website with advice, guidance and inspiration for connecting with our neighbours and communities, as well as links to more direct support for those who need it.

We’re not here to tell anyone what to do, or how to do it, but there are loads of great resources out there worth reading and sharing and we’ve gathered a few of them on this site. We hope you find it helpful.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to be a Fine City Neighbour, but if you need any help, we’re here.