Camerados On the Streets: Friday 30 July

Come join Camerados on the streets of Norwich on Friday 30 July between 10am -5pm at The Forum in the centre of the city.

You’ll find them on the upper millennium plain, they’ll be the folk with a public living room outside, with squishy bean bag sofas and a rather fetching selection of bunting made from pants …….why? because when life is pants, what gets you through is being a Camerado.

So come along to the Forum, Norwich anytime between 9am and 5pm and find out more about what a Camerado is, whilst giving your best Tik Tok moves on the stage! Or maybe you fancy just chilling and chatting to fellow folk after all this time of not mixing with others. There’ll also be a reverse flashmob… ‘What’s that?’, we hear you cry… Well, pop along in the afternoon to find out!


Sounds soft and fluffy?  It’s not. We’d go as far as to say it’s the meaning of life.  Why? Because it gives people connection to others and a sense of purpose. On good days this makes life better, on bad days and during tough times it changes and saves lives. Camerados have 6 principles that help people be alongside each other at home, at work or on the bus.

There are also places online and in person where folk gather (see our page about ‘Spoon Rooms’). It’s all about being more human, having a laugh and having each other’s back without agenda or judgement. Anyone is welcome.

To find out more about Camerados, visit their website by clicking here.