Grief and being Neurodivergent: Autism Hampshire

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Conversations about grief can be difficult, especially if it’s a new experience. Unfortunately, this is something many of us have experienced during the pandemic. Grief affects us all differently, including those of us who are neurodivergent.

Autism affects 700,000 people in the UK (according to BMA’s study in 2020). Lockdown has been especially challenging for some autistic people, as it has meant a change in routine and support systems are now distant. However, when grief is thrown into this it can cause huge problems for these individuals. Luckily, support is there waiting for you, to help you get through it.

Autism Hampshire is a charity supporting people of all ages across Hampshire. When lockdown started, they produced lots of resources that can be used by anyone, wherever you live.

They have information on how a neurodiverse person might experience grief differently, which you can use to support your neurodiverse friends and neighbours.

The Autism Hampshire website has also produced blogs and pages which are specifically aimed at autistic people who are experiencing grief. On top of all this there is a free resource to help with grounding techniques- which we have linked at the bottom of this post.

These are all amazing resources and there is something for everyone! Click here or on the logo to visit the page.

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Click on the logo to visit the Autism Hampshire website.