Help your neighbour online with Learn My Way

Learn My Way is a website of free online courses for beginners, helping people develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.

As well as courses and toolkits for people to learn new skills for themselves, the Learn My Way website has a whole page full of resources for people who want to help someone else!

Visit their site and you’ll find loads of free, downloadable step-by-step guides that you can print out and give to your neighbours who need help getting started.

There are communications checklists to help your neighbours keep in touch with you or with their families and friends; you could get your neighbour set up with email or help them download and get started with WhatsApp. For Apple-users there’s a checklist for getting started with FaceTime.

Plus there are additional learning guides you can print out which will help take your neighbour through an online course with Learn My Way, which cover things like using a computer or the internet, using a touchscreen device, and making video calls to friends and family.

Your neighbour can access lots of the free courses on Learn My Way without registering, but if they register they can access all the courses and Learn My Way will record your neighbour’s progress.

To register with Learn My Way, you just need an email address and a password. We recommend registering yourself to start with and having a look around the site at the resources and courses available before you start the process with your neighbour.

Perhaps you and your neighbour could set up a new, temporary email address to use specifically for Learn My Way, so that you can safely share the password without worrying about having access to each others’ private emails. It’s really easy to create a new Gmail address for free, but there are loads of other free email providers to choose from too.

Learn My Way also has resources to help you help your neighbour. You can do your own course on ‘How to be a Digital Champion’ and download free resources and guides that you can work through with your neighbour, so if you’ve never tried to teach anyone to do anything before, don’t worry- Learn My Way have basically done all the hard work for you, all you need to do is follow the plan!

Image of the Learn My Way logo, which is three translucent rectangles with rounded corners layered on top of each other. One is turquoise, one purple and one hot pink. The logo has the words 'Learn My Way' in bold white sans-serif text.

Click on the Learn My Way logo to visit their site.

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