Student Space: Building Community in the pandemic

Three students happily walking towards the sunset, engaged in conversation.

The lack of community in the online settings we have been subject to in the last year due to Covid-19 has left people feeling alone, with students in particular missing out on meeting new people and forming friendships as they start university.

Dealing with loss while continuing your studies can be a challenging and overwhelming, but Student Space offers the community and network you may need.

Student Space is a platform which provides support services, information, and advice to students. Using their website, you can find what support is available to you at your university. Share with your student housemates, neighbours, or family members, or gain a better understanding of how to support them yourself using the Student Space resources and information.

The support platform is run by Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity, and is designed to help students find the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic. Since the first lockdown everyone has been faced with uncertainty, change and loss – Student Space offers a space where you don’t have to go through it alone. All the resources and information are developed with students and experts in student wellbeing and mental health.

The platform offers resources to help deal with different emotions and has a range of support services to choose from depending on what you need. The student stories available on their website are particularly helpful. They address a range of issues which people have been faced with, in a way which helps you feel less alone.

For immediate support, text STUDENT to 85258.

To access the platform, click here.

Alternatively, click on the Student Space logo to be taken to the homepage of their website and explore the support and resources they have available.