The Loss Project

People of different cultures and ethnicities holding hands around a globe.

Losing someone is always difficult, and The Loss Project offers resources, workshops and training to support people and their communities who have suffered from loss.

Their work helps people to open up and become connected in their communities through the universal experiences of grief, loss, death, dying or trauma. Through these connections, the project challenges the stigma and taboo surrounding mental health to cut through the barriers of having those “difficult” conversations. Their resources provide a great space for personal reflection and opportunities to act towards improving your wellbeing.

They do brilliant work to help bring out the creative side in communities that are grieving from loss and have still been very active during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over Lockdown they have been running online sessions for people to be able to meet others who are also going through the pain of losing a loved one. They have a couple of these events coming up soon in May and June and you can sign up to attend on their website.

The Loss Project has also partnered with We All Fit to offer an exclusive discount to their 21-day fitness course. Good physical health is good for your mental health!

Find out more, support their work, or access their resources by visiting their website. Click here or on the button to open the Loss Project website in a new tab.

Click on the button to visit the Loss Project website and find out more.