Download our Poster!

In a neighbourhood, there are people with all sorts of different skills and resources to share with each other. That might be a car you can use to pick up someone’s prescription, an electric drill you can lend out, or a listening ear and a brew.

We know you know that, because we’ve seen you sharing all these things, before and throughout the pandemic, and we think it’s really brilliant. In fact, you’re the reason we started up Fine City Neighbours in the first place!

One thing we all know is that sometimes it can feel awkward to reach out to our neighbours, to ask for or offer support, even when we really want to. We’ve created a poster to try and help with that.

All you need to do is fill out the front with what you’re ‘happy to help with’. You could share a phone number too if you’re happy to, or just ask people to knock on your door or pop a note through the letterbox. Then pop the poster up in your front window so that people can see it.

Putting this poster up lets everyone know that you are a Fine City Neighbour!

It’s a message to anyone who walks past that you want to be there for them and lets them know how they can ask for your help if they need it.

Even if you’ve never spoken to your neighbours before, it’s a great icebreaker. And remember that someone has to be the first neighbour to put themselves out there- that someone could be you!