Norwich Castle: Scribe School (February Half Term)

Scribe School: Write Like It’s the Year 1121!

This February half-term, Norwich Castle proudly invites you to Scribe School. Scribe School is a brand-new online event for ages 7+ that will help you craft medieval stories, discover lost medieval words and turn you into a scribe!

Scribe School kicks off with three workshops, delivered by medieval characters, that promise to be fun for the whole family and they’re free to attend!

These workshops are suitable for ages 7+ and will be hosted via Zoom. The Zoom invitation to the workshop will be emailed on the day of the event.

Attend all three workshops to be welcomed into the prestigious Writer’s Guild. Select your quill and unroll your parchment, let’s write…

Scribe School Workshops:

I medieval illustration showing an army of knights following a mythical creature with seven heads and wings. There is a medieval castle in the background.

February 16 2-3PM – Capture the Castle (Scribe School)

Capture the Castle is led by Leonard and Alexander, our noble scribes. Craft your own story, full of sights, sounds and smells, with these trusted guildsman.

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This is a medieval illustration of a group of knights on horseback greeting a group of women and two donkeys.

February 17 2-3PM – Ye Olde Comic Strips (Scribe School)

Ye Olde Comic Strips is led by the noble scribes, Leonard and Alexander. Craft your own comic, full of medieval adventure and epic quests.

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image is a medieval illustration showing two knights holding onto a piece of parchment. One knight is wearing only one glove. Across the top of the image is some latin text.

February 18 2-3PM – Scribe and Scribble (Scribe School)

Scribe and Scribble is led by Leonard and Alexander, our noble scribes. Illustrate your own manuscript with fantastic creatures and calligraphy to bring your story to life.

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Scribe School is a new event in celebration of Norwich Castle: Royal Palace Reborn and World Book Day 2021.