Norwich Puppet Theatre Online

Image of four homemade puppets representing Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Puppets are made from egg-boxes and decorated with felt tip, pipe cleaners and ribbon. They are standing in a paper, home-made theatre coloured in with pencil and felt tip. The Norwich Puppet Theatre Online logo is overlaid.

Whilst the Theatre doors are shut, Norwich Puppet Theatre are bringing some puppet joy online!

Visit their YouTube channel for hours of free fun! They have shared LOADS of puppet-crafting videos and the opportunity to learn more about about puppetry and their live shows with some behind the scenes clips.

Could you somehow create a neighbourhood puppet show…? Perhaps you could film your puppet show and send it to everyone through your neighbourhood WhatsApp group? Or could you create a show with each household providing a scene? The Puppet Theatre YouTube channel has videos describing how to make puppets out of waste materials like egg-boxes, like the picture of Goldilocks and the Three Bears above!

The theatre would absolutely love to see your at-home makes, so send them your puppet-pics by email at

Click the Puppet Theatre Online logo to visit their YouTube channel.

Here’s a little taster to whet your puppet-making appetites! Click through from the video to see more…