Voluntary Norfolk: Volunteering to support local charities and community groups

By Amelia Worley, Voluntary Norfolk

Local charities, social enterprises and community groups have continued to provide essential services during the pandemic, addressing complex issues such as food poverty, domestic abuse and homelessness.  This work has been carried out under challenging circumstances and with very limited resources.  These organisations would not be able to function without the support of dedicated volunteers and are always looking for new recruits

If you already know what kind of volunteering you want to do or who you want to volunteer with then it is probably easiest to contact that particular charity directly.  Most local charities have a volunteering section on their website or a volunteer coordinator who you can speak to about current opportunities.

If you would like to see what volunteering opportunities are out there then why not visit the Voluntary Norfolk Volunteering Portal, where hundreds of local charities advertise their latest volunteer roles.  

Click the Voluntary Norfolk logo to visit the Volunteering Portal

If you feel unsure about what kind volunteer role would suit you, the Voluntary Norfolk Volunteering Team is happy to talk though your ideas and offer support with making the best use of the Volunteering Portal.

Please get in touch:  volunteercentre@voluntarynorfolk.org.uk

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