Advice for leafleting safely: from Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK

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The following text is taken from the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK Website:

It is important to follow safety guidelines when distributing leaflets to ensure that as far as possible we are not exposing people to the virus and putting anyone at more harm. Here are some guidelines that everyone distributing leaflets should follow. You should not do this if you are ill at all.

Do not leaflet if you are unwell at all, even if you’re only experiencing mild symptoms.

Leaflets should be stored in smaller piles within ziploc bags

Listen to social distancing guidelines and don’t leaflet in large groups. When leafleting in small groups, avoid physical contacts or exchanging resources.

Make sure to wash your hands well before starting leafleting and use hand sanitiser if you are able to at regular intervals.

Only one person should handle leaflets from each zip-locked pack, putting them directly from the bag through the door for each house and minimising contact as far as possible.

Make sure to wash your hands after you are finished too