Download our postcard and let your neighbours know you’re there for them!

If you want to connect with your neighbours but aren’t sure how, you could download and print our Fine City Neighbours postcard template (or even get a few printed) then write a little message to introduce yourself, and pop it through their door.

The first step to being a Fine City Neighbour is just to reach out and let your neighbours know you’re there for them. Perhaps you’ve never spoken before, and aren’t sure how to break the ice. Everyone likes getting post- especially when it looks this snazzy (thanks, El Horno!) so why not give it a go?

We’ve got a bunch of information and inspiration on our website for connecting with your neighbours, try reading about how to set up a neighbourhood group using WhatsApp! Plus here’s a handy template letter to invite your neighbours to join a Mutual Aid group – it’s designed for using WhatsApp but you could always use a Facebook Group if you don’t want to share phone numbers.

Download the postcard here:

Safety guidance about leafleting in COVID can be found by clicking here.