Digital Hangouts for Young People

This is a really tricky time for young people, even without the difficulty of being isolated from their friends and other support networks. Luckily there are lots of ways that young people in Norwich can connect with each other digitally, from home. We’ll share some useful links below:

Visit YMCA Norfolk’s Online Youth Groups

YMCA Norfolk are running online youth groups for young people, where you can join in with lots of different activities, like gaming, quizzes, creative activities and more. Click the buttons below to visit their Youthsuite webpage to join up, or take a look at their Facebook page.

Join the Norwich Youth Advisory Board

The Norwich YAB (Youth Advisory Board) are young people who live or study in Norwich, Norfolk. Any young person aged 11-19 (up to 25 with a disability) can take part. Activities are happening virtually during the pandemic, including remote group sessions and one-to-one support. Visit the website to find out more, or look at their Facebook page.