Invite your Neighbours to join a Neighbourhood WhatsApp group with this template letter

If you’re thinking of setting up a neighbourhood group on WhatsApp and not sure how to reach out to your neighbours, this is a useful template for a letter you can pop through people’s doors. It’s taken from this document which you can find on Lumi.

If you haven’t already, click here to read our article about about how to set up a neighbourhood group using WhatsApp.

**Template Letter**

Covid 19 Neighbour Support Chat

Dear Neighbour,

A few of us from (Name of Road/Street) have got together and set up a WhatsApp group to
support each other during the outbreak of Covid 19 (coronavirus).

The idea is to provide a place for us to talk to each other, look out for each other and
contact neighbours for support.

Don’t feel you are under any obligation to join at all but if you would like to, details are
below. You can also leave the group at any time.

Please use the app to:

  • Ask for help with shopping, or any other related assistance
  • Let your neighbours know if you’re self-isolating so someone can make sure you’re
  • Share important updates from official sources (NHS, local authorities, and national
    governmental announcements).

We want to caution against the sharing of misinformation or speculation in these groups,
but we hope they can serve as a useful resource for building an effective support network i
the weeks to come.

The (number of) of us (names) are setting this up and will moderate the chat, but we’re not
in charge – or volunteering to do everyone’s shopping 🙂

To join: Download WhatsApp on your phone from the iPhone or Android store

It looks like this:

The group name is: (Name of Street/s) Covid 19 Community
For an invitation please use this link: (WhatsApp link here)
(only give out numbers if you are comfortable doing so – the link will work without
needing to)

Or text one of the following and you’ll be invited:
First name (no.):
First name (no.):
First name (no.):

If you need help setting up or using this, you can ask any of us (or a friend/neighbour).
If you don’t have a smart phone and would like to stay connected in case of any emergencies please
text one of the above with your email address or email (email address)

(you could set up a separate Covid email)

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