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Fine City Neighbours

Fine City Neighbours is about building relationships with people before you need them, and they need you. So that when times are hard, or when times are good, we are stronger, more connected, happier, healthier citizens of our Fine City.

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If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is how much we depend on one another.

We are so grateful to all the people on the front lines who are keeping our Fine City going; the people keeping us safe, looking after those of us who are sick or vulnerable, educating, caring for and entertaining our young people, providing us with the food and medicines we need, and working long hours over the holidays so that others of us could share time with loved ones. We are so thankful and we will never forget what people have given, and continue to give to each other.

In these tough times, with more difficult days ahead, we know that our organisations and institutions are under enormous pressure. We need each other, too. We need our neighbours.

Right now, we really want to take a moment to celebrate the way that folk across Norwich have come together to support one another. We have seen spectacular acts of neighbourliness over the last year, from people setting up street WhatsApp groups to coordinate grocery deliveries, to doorstep carol-singing and coffee-mornings. Some have set up socially-distanced sewing soirees to stitch PPE, others have volunteered their time to put on online art and exercise classes. We’ve seen beautiful art and sculpture exhibitions on people’s lawns, in parks, even hanging in trees! Our Fine Folks have truly stepped up, and while we’re not through the difficulties yet, we think that’s something worth getting excited about.

Remember, nobody needs permission to be a good neighbour. You’re probably doing it already.

Thank you, Neighbours of our Fine City.

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